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Our Treatments

Treatments available at Rainbow Relaxation

Consultation Process

Your initial visit includes a full consultation and visual assessment, which  can be done online via video calling (zoom/facebook/whatsapp) or in person at your appointment. You will be asked questions about your medical history and any issues regarding why you are coming for treatment. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes, but we allow 30min for additional discussion of your treatment needs.

a £20 non refundable consultation fee for your first appointment needs to be paid at the time of booking

For online appointments (including your consultation) you must ensure you are in a room on your own, and not able to be disturbed, just like if you were in my cabin in person.

Treatment Procedure 

You will be asked to wear a mask for the duration of your visit  unless you have a medical condition that means you cannot. (This MUST be noted on your consultation form), or are having any facial treatments e.g. TMJ Therapy

If you do not want to wear a mask and do NOT have a medical reason, we are unable to treat you at this time.

During a Full Body Massage you will be asked to undress to your underwearand lie on a treatment couch while the massage is carried out. You will be covered with soft towels  throughout, which are folded back to reveal only the area to be massaged at that time. Areas massaged in a full body massage are normally : back, legs, arms, front of shoulders, neck and face (abdomen optional). We may need to massage your glutes during a Sports Massage if that is a problem area. This is done through your underwear.

For Reflexology, only your shoes and socks are removed.

For Facials and TMJ Therapy your shoulders will need to be uncovered, please wear a vest top. 

*Underwear to be kept on throughout treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

A therapeutic massage with a more gentle touch, using a personalised blend of essential oils

60 min Full Body Massage - £43.00

90 min Full Body Massage - £65.00

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Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer massage to help release tension in the deeper muscles, using kneading, deep pressure and trigger points

60 min Half Body Massage - £45.00

90 min Full Body Massage - £68.00

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A relaxing holistic treatment, using pressure on points on the feet to bring the body back into balance

60 min Foot Treatment - £40.00

90 min Reflexology / Deep Tissue Back Massage combination treatment - £60.00


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Sports Massage

Sports Massage usually focuses on one or two areas, and involves the application of a variety of soft tissue techniques to help relieve pain and increase mobility.

 Sports Massage 

60 min - £48.00

Full Body Deep Tissue including Sports Massage where needed 

90 min - £72.00

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TMJ Therapy

A specialised massage treatment combining many techniques, to help relieve the pain of TMJ Disorder.

Initial Appointment 

(in person or online)

90 min (30/60)

30min consultation & assessment followed by a 60min treatment - £100*

60min Follow up Treatment - £80

TMJSOS online appointment -£80*

*(0nline Treatments for TMJ only available after the purchase of the TMJSOS System)

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3 in 1 Massage 

The 3 in 1 combines the therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, with the deeply relaxing Aromatherapy and Hot Stones.

60 min Body Massage - £58.00

120 min Body Massage - £110.00

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We also offer a number of beauty packages as well as our therapeutic treatments, for a truly indulgent experience

Deluxe Aromatherapy Facial (Includes Scalp Massage and Arm Massage) 60min


Full Body Massage + Aromatherapy Facial 90 min -


Full Body Massage + Aromatherapy Facial + Facial Lift Massage 120 min -£95.00 

The Works!

Full Body Scrub + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage + Aromatherapy Facial + Reflexology 150min


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